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Easy System Fast

A revolution in noise control systems

Urbantech is a company specialised in the design, supply and installation of soundproofing and sound-absorbing barriers. The company was founded in December 2008 in order to create innovative environmental mitigation solutions which, as well as fulfilling the highest soundproofing and aesthetic standards, could also be quick to make and install, so that the construction site could be easily set up at reasonable costs.

In 2008, a long research and development process, in partnership with the Faculty of Engineering of Pisa – Department of Energetics, for the sound – Department of Material Science for the technology – Department of Construction Science for structural testing – and the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Basilicata for the structures, led to the birth of the Easy System Fast, a revolutionary noise control system: high soundproofing performance, optionally adjustable, incredibly quick to make, with an easily set up construction site, inexpensive and aesthetically versatile.

The main features of the Easy System Fast system are that it is exceptionally faster and easier to set up than a traditional barrier.
This is because the system consists of just three parts:

1. Foundation plate – riser
2. Concrete soundproofing panels
3. Soundproofing sound absorbers-resonators