We can´t expect things to change if we keep doing the same things over and over

A functional appearance

- "The look of a barrier deeply affects the acceptance of the barrier and the perception of its effectiveness"

(C. Baistrocchi, E. Baistrocchi, N. Bloise, L. Rocco, "Inserimento ambientale di barriere antirumore per traffico veicolare" (Environmentally-sustainable installation of noise road barriers), University of Florence, Engineers´ Journal, no. 10, 2001)

Urbantech´s work is based on the awareness that a noise barrier needs to be looked at not just for its soundproofing performance, but for its appearance too.
The key factors to achieve such goal are:
- hidden vertical risers, to avoid a repetitive effect and to make the surface of the barrier look like one single design;
- free colours: any colour may be used;
- free design: the receiving side may be easily made to a bespoke design;
- free addition of accessories (artificial greenery, wooden parts, etc.);
- adjustable colour and design on the "roadside" too;
- maintenance-free appearance.

Functional Noise Barriers