We can´t expect things to change if we keep doing the same things over and over

Optimisation of the construction site

- No need to remove the guardrail while installing the system

Because of the installation method, all building operations may be completed without removing the guardrail.

- Serial installation

As early as day one, after installing 4-5 foundation plates-risers, you can start installing the panels or even have multiple teams working together to make the "sensationally" quick installation even quicker.

- No excavations

The plate that acts as a foundation and riser, on which the panels are applied, is vibro-installed, so no preliminary digging is required.

- No concrete casts

Because of its structural specifications, the vibro-installed plate needs no concrete casts whatsoever.

- No mechanical joints and retainers

As further proof of how simple the Easy System Fast is, there are no mechanical joints between the different parts of the system.

Optimisation Construction Site Noise Barriers